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The importance of tires is not a topic that is debatable and is something that has been preached by Chapel Hill Tire Cole Park from the very beginning. However, for some reasons people seem to overlook this part of the car. When you walk through a parking lot, you may take a peek at other cars and specifically the tires – you will most likely notice the fact that majority of the tires are not even at a decent condition.

It is almost as if the drivers are completely unaware that they have been driving their cars around on either underinflated and balding tires, or even completely damaged ones. Most of them are probably not concerned of this tire condition because they do not understand the fact that a large part of the safety of their car depends on their tires. This is due to the fact that every aspect of a car, especially when it comes to performance, is through the tires.

Chapel Hill Tire Cole Park
It does not matter what type of make your brand is, whether it’s a Ferrari or a Hyundai, whether it’s a domestic car or imported car, every ounce of power that the engine has is directly converted into what it’s called a forward momentum which is provided by a friction – this friction is instantly generated when the rubber of those tires touch the surface of the road. This is exactly one of the primary reasons why it is important to keep your tires inflated and take a good, proper care of it. In order to maximize the shelf life of your tires as well as the performance of your car,Chapel Hill Tire Cole Parkadvises to do three of the following steps in your effort to get the most out of your tires:

  • Keep an eye on the tire pressure
    Do you get new tires as often as you change your clothes? While it may seem exaggerated, premature wear is almost always the result of incorrect pressure. Car owners are advised to always check their tire pressures before they drive it, many cars are now equipped with a monitoring system that is referred to as TPMS which makes this step considerably effortless.
  • Check your tire rotation
    An even amount of threadwear is the key to a great performance, which is the primary reason why a lot manufacturers gives a periodic rotation as one of the points stated in the warranty.
  • Make sure your tires are properly aligned
    As the day goes by, after such heavy and regular use, any vehicle is bound to have a condition that is often referred to as misalignment in which the steering system and suspension do not function at their respective intended angles. In tires, this often happens as a result of driving on a severely bumpy and damaged road.

While the first step can be easily done by the car owners themselves, the second and third require professionals. Chapel Hill Tire Cole Park, with their certified technicians, is the best place to go to for all of your tire servicing needs.

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