Can You Put Air In A Nitrogen Tire?

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Can you put air in a nitrogen tire? This question is probably often asked mainly if you find there is a problem in your tire of car. Several years ago, the use of nitrogen to fill in the tire is still being avoided. It is because the drivers often feel worry that the nitrogen is able to explode and lead other damage. Based on that fact, using air for tire is becoming another solution. Air is considered much safer than other kinds of chemical gas. However, it seems that using nitrogen to fill in the tire is not something weird nowadays. If you see the gasoline station around, there must be a box and pump of nitrogen that even enables us to pump up our tire with nitrogen by yourself. Of course, the box along with the pump is already facilitated with some stuff and procedures so that it will be safe for the people who use it as well as the areas around.

Whatever it is, it actually can be concluded that both air and nitrogen are good and able to be filled in the tire. It tend depends on your car producer whether they want to produce a car with air or nitrogen tire. Something you should know as well is that the tires themselves are then quite different between those for air and those for nitrogen. Both are still made from rubber for sure. However, tire for nitrogen tends to be harder and thicker. It is due to the fact that the nitrogen already filled in should not be going out anyway. Sure, nitrogen is not as safe as air as it can produce explosion and some other terrible things when it deals with other substances. Meanwhile, tire with air is thinner and it tends to be lighter. There is a benefit if you use the nitrogen tire actually.

Can You Put Air in a Nitrogen Tire?
Nitrogen has a characteristic in which it can be easily swollen. Therefore, the process of filling in the tire tends to be faster and the tire itself is in a better condition. Sure, the lack of using this kind of tire is related to its risks which are more than tire with air. For heavy vehicles as examples like bus and truck, using nitrogen tire is then more suggested. It is due to its strength which is more than what is had by the air tire. Meanwhile, for other small-sized vehicles, it is actually just flexible, whether you want to use the nitrogen or air tire.

So, can you put air in a nitrogen tire? The answer is yes. It means that filling in air to the tire which is intended for nitrogen is not risky and dangerous at all. It is although you may need to spend longer time so that it can be filled in well. The thick tire also makes the air cannot be simply leaked outside. However, filling in nitrogen to the air tire is not recommended at all. As air tire is thinner, leak is much easier to be happened.

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