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If you are looking for the store which sell the good quality tire and battery, you can choose Byhalia Tire and Battery. Do you know about the store? Byhalia Tire and Battery, Inc. is the pillar of the community. This store is the leader in the tires and auto repair service brand for the customers in Memphis, Byhalia, MS, TN, Olive Branch, Collierville, and other areas. The goal of  Byhalia tire and battery is focusing on the customer service. That is the main foundation of the business. This store employs the well-trained staff in the sale and also the installation of passenger car, light truck, performance, and SUV tires. This store is located in 8328 Mississippi 178 West, Byhalia, MS 38611, The United States of America. It opens from 08.00 A.M. up to 03.00 P.M.

Wheels in Byhalia Tire and Battery

Steel Wheel

This type of wheel is the heavy wheel which provides the vehicles with the lower gravity. This type of steel is perfect for the the harsh road condition. You can use it in the snow. If you like off-road driving, this type of steel is very suitable for you. It is also very suitable to be used in the rugged terrain. However, it is lack on other performances because it is heavy.

Alloy Wheel

This wheel is the light wheel. This type of wheel has the improved performance characteristics. The light wheel increases the steering and cornering precision. It can decrease the road feedback and has the good braking response.

Chrome Wheel

Chrome Wheel is actually the combination of the steel wheel and alloy wheel. This is very suitable for you who really like the cosmetic appearance. This type of wheel is well known for the metallic mirrored shine, strength, and durability. You should remember that this tire requires the attention and cleaning to maintain the appeal.

Manufacturing Process of Wheels and Rims in Byhalia Tire and Battery

Machined Wheels

The machining process includes heating, casting, spinning, and the precise pressurization to be able to fill the mold with the molten aluminum and to shape the wheel.

Cast Wheels

Aluminum is the main thing. The Aluminum wheel is from the process of the pouring the molten aluminum in the mold. If you want to shape the wheel, you should form it from the process of pressure casting and gravity.

Forged Wheels

The forged wheels uses the forging process. This process takes the solid piece of the aluminum to be able to mold the wheel. It uses the extreme pressure and the high heat. The result of this process is the dense, strong, and light wheel.

Byhalia Tire and Battery is the best choice for you if you want to find the best and suitable wheels for your car. There are some types of wheels in this store, such as steel wheel, alloy wheel, and chrome wheel. All of the wheels use the good manufacturing process. The key of choosing the suitable wheels for your car is the terrain, size, and weight.

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