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Brooks Tire Dexter Maine is an auto center located in 397 Corinna Rd, Dexter, ME. You can also catch them by phone on (207) 924-7149. It basically gives service to your car as well as the tire. You can get used tires with definitely excellent condition and also interesting discounts. This is a place that will take care of anything that your vehicle needs. The service is ranging from checking up the overall condition of your vehicle up to clean the vehicle, in case you do not have time for that. This is a real good one-stop tire and auto center both in dealership and service center.

Everything about Brooks Tire Dexter Maine

This tire and auto center is the best place for your vehicle you could ask for. They provide the best service and various options of service too. There are several things you need to know about Brooks Tire Dexter Maine, such as:

  • They use dealership for auto
  • They provide service center for auto
  • They have wide range of tires, both new and used tires
  • Auto rentals with interesting prices
  • Detailing shop
  • Drop off center for used oil
  • The store is owned and operated by family

Of course this store offers be best tires you have ever seen on the market. It comes from many well-known brands. Other than the all-season tires, they also have wide range options for winter, studded, commercial, and low performance tires. You have your time to think about what kind of tires that suit your needs and Brooks Tire will offer interesting options for you which of course meet your needs.

Brooks Tire Dexter Maine
Brook Tires service

As we said earlier, Brooks Tire also offers the convenient of the cars in overall. Besides the car services, you can choose the other services from this place such as find the best used vehicle that you need or service center with excellent place.

Well, this company offers used cars with high quality ranging from the regular cars, SUVs, or even trucks. Do not worry because they give 100% warranty. You can phone the call center or go to the store directly for further information about this service.

Other than that, you can drop by this place if you need to check or repair your vehicle. Their service center for auto will take care of any maintenance thing that is needed by your vehicle. Or if you need to replace the tires, they will suggest the best one for you ranging from the new tires up to the quality used tires. It is interesting and worth to look up.

Tire services

Brook Tires offers wide ranging of tire services. If you want to replace the tires, you can choose the new or used tires. They just offer you the best they have. If you buy the new tires in this store then you will get mounting, balancing, and rotation service for free. Other than that, they have rotation service, tires alignment, and repairing the tires. Do you have problem with your tires? Please visit Brooks Tire Dexter, Maine.

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