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Tires are essential for your car. Tires affect your safety on the road and the efficiency of your car. Eventually tires will wear down and lose their performance. If that is happened, you can get serious problems on the road. Therefore, it is important for every car owners to know when car tires need replacing. After knowing when to start shopping new tires, all you have to do is finding a trusted auto repairs and services to change the tires. For those who live in and around Woodland California, Big O Tires Woodland CA can be your perfect choice for replacing the tires and regular car maintenance. Here are few tips to know when to replace the tires.

Check the tread

Every industry-manufactured tires have tread pattern on their surface. This tread is made to beat water from beneath the tires. So, when you drive on the wet surface, your car is still capable to grip the surface and not skate across the road. This problem is called hydroplaning. How to check the tread is easy. You can use a penny to measure the thickness of the tread. Put a penny at the center of the tread with Lincoln’s head facing you. If you cannot see his hair, your tires are OK. If the top part of his hair is partially visible, prepare to shop a new tire. If you can see most of his head, replace the tires. For exact measurement, if the tread is down to 1/16 inch, you should go to your auto technician for replacing the tire because it is no longer safe to drive.

Big O Tires Woodland CA
Look the tread bar

Besides the tread pattern, every tires have tread bars. You can find the tread bars between the treads. Look these tread bars closely. If you see they are even or have the same level with the treads, replace the tire immediately.

Get tread depth gauge

This gauge is easy to get and affordable. You can get this tread depth gauge from auto parts dealer. The easiest way to check your tires, of course, is asking the technicians in auto repairs and services like Big O Tires Woodland CA. Take advantage of your membership to get a free tires checking.

Check the uneven tread wear

The front tires usually get uneven tread wear faster than the rear tires because they support more weights from the engines. Tires rotation is the best way to avoid uneven tread wear. The rotation means exchanging the position of front tires and the rear tires. It is advised to do thetires rotation every 6 months. If you find a condition where uneven tread wear is too extreme, you might have a problem with the suspension. Ask auto technicians to check the suspension part and repair it.

Replace the tires every 6 years regardless of use

Even though in 6 years you don’t find any problems on your tires, it is time for you to replace them. Six years are the average times for a tireto become weary, and 10 years are the maximum times to use one single tire. You should go to a competent tire workshop such as Big OTires Woodland CA for shopping new tire and replacing the old ones.

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