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Big O Tires Outer Loop is going to help you in servicing your auto especially the tires. For you who live in Louisville then you can drop by to the 195 Outer Loop Louisville, Kentucky to check your tire condition or the whole condition of your vehicle. The store in Outer Loop opens in Monday until Saturday. For Monday until Friday it is open from 8.00 AM up to 6.00 PM. For the Saturday, you can catch up from 8.00 AM until 3.00 PM. They are also welcome if you need a service-on-delivery by calling the store’s number.

Why you should choose Big O Tires

When you go to the vehicle service store you may have several questions you want to ask especially if you service your vehicle. Big O Tires will answer all the questions about the vehicle such as the rotor resurfacing stuff, spare parts and many more as well as the estimated cost you should pay for that. Even if you have no idea about the clunking sound that came from the machine of your vehicle, Big O Tires will explain about anything thoroughly. You can rely on our staff for any kind of diagnostics, repairing your vehicle up to regular maintenance and services. You just need to drop by Big O Tires Outer Loop and the staff will look it up just for you. Checking your car regularly is important. You should drive safely on the road after all.

Big O Tires Outer Loop
Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is one of the most important things when we discuss about the excellent tires performance. The fact is the tires can work properly and in the best performance if those are straightly lined up. Unfortunately, the bumps, swerves and holes are everywhere. When the tires hit them then it could make the tires out of the alignment little by little. It can also age the struts and shocks. You commonly do not realize that the tires are a little bit out of alignment. It could make the tire wears out a bit faster too. The gas mileage could go down and it may also affect the handling and control. This is bad, right? But, if you drop by Big Tires O store then you will get it fixed in the right and proper way. They have the tools and they know thoroughly about perfect wheel alignment so you are in the right place for sure.

The wheel alignment service also includes:

  • Inspections of suspension and steering components based on visual
  • Tire air pressure adjustments
  • Adjust the angles of alignments based on the specs from the factory

You really can rely on the Big O Tires. Not only for the tires, but also they give the best service for you and your vehicle. If you need to replace the oil then you can go to the store too. They have wide range or oil options along with the wide range of quality and costs. Let the staff check the vehicle up to you by visiting Big O Tires Outer Loop.

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