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Big O Tires Nixa Missouri is located at the 1407 N Massey Blvd, Nixa. The store is open from Monday until Saturday. Monday until Friday the store is open at 7.30 AM to 6.00 PM. And if it is Saturday then the store starts from 8.00 AM until 3.00 PM. If you live in Nixa or around it then you can call this store for tire services.

Besides the tire service, this store also provides some other services that will be useful for you and your auto. You can call them to come and fix the problems with your car. The other services are such as:

  1. Brake inspection without fee and no appointment is needed.
  2. Vehicle inspection in 22 points without fee and no appointment is needed.
  3. Checking the electrical and battery for free.
  4. Inspection for bulb and wiper blade for free (5 minutes only).
  5. Local shuttle service and for free too
  6. Complete service for manual scheduled maintenance.
  7. Oil change services with various oil options without service fee.
  8. And many more, just call the store for further information.
    Keeping the car or other vehicles in good condition will keep you safe on the road. It is important to make sure that the tires are in good condition since you are right on the wheels when you hit the road. It is safety matter for sure.

Big O Tires Nixa Missouri
People also asked about the balance thing. You need to regularly re-balance the tires for safety matter too. The tires need to be balance after 4,000 up to 6,000 miles or after replacement. There is no wasting time when it comes to safety matters.

Tire pressure check

Tire pressure check is one of the services offered by Big O Tires Nixa Missouri and also other Big O Tires stores. Checking the tire pressure is also important. There is also a standard of tire pressure. The wrong pressure of your tires could lead to something bad such as little failure up to fatal accident. So, it is a good habit if you like to regularly check your tire pressure especially before you drive somewhere far away for days. Once a month is the least period you can put to your schedule for checking the tire pressure. You just need to drive to the Big O Tires store and the staff will check it for you.

Besides checking the pressure on all tires, they will also adjust the pressure to the standard so you will feel comfortable while driving. It only takes a few minutes for sure. It will not waste your time and you are good to go only in a few minutes.

What will happen if the tire pressure is not right?

Well, the low air pressure of the tires makes them run really hot. It makes the handling feel not smooth at all. Other than that, it will spend more gas since they work harder than usual due to the low air pressure. Too much air pressure makes the tires feel hard. So, all you need to do is checking it on the Big O Tires Nixa Missouri.

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