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Big Brand Tires Arroyo Grande has been running their business in tire and auto repairs for over 40 years. It means their quality of service and reputation are good and trusted, so that they can survive in this industry for such a long time. Big Brand Tire & Service is a trusted place for those who want reliable auto repairs, auto preventative maintenance services, and who want reasonable prices for the new tires. It is one of the best auto repairs and services in Arroyo Grande California.

Every drivers must have known that they should care their cars if they want their cars keep running smoothly for the years to come. There are three kinds of car maintenance that every drivers should pay more attention than the others. They are tire rotation, brake services, and wheel alignment. Here are what you need to know about those services.

Tire rotation

Because of the long time used, the environmental and the road condition, the tires tread wear can be worn down and uneven. Every car owners should pay attention to their front tires because they show signs of wear faster than the rear tires. The extra weights from the engines give more pressure for front tires, therefore, they get weary faster than the rear tires. Uneven tires will affect the wheel traction and the tires’ service life. It will require the amount of money for weary tires replacement. Therefore, to avoid uneven tires, it is suggested to do tire rotation every 6 months or every 6,000 miles whichever what comes first.

Big Brand Tires Arroyo Grande
Big Brand Arroyo Grande have great auto technicians with highly auto repairs and services skills. They can give some advices what tire rotation patterns that will fit your car perfectly.

Brake services

Brake system is the most important system in your car. If there are problems in this system even for tiny problem, they will affect to your safety. Every car owners should check their brakes at least once a year. But, if they found brake issues before their regular brake checks, they should go to their mechanics to take a look at the problems. The mechanics should be the ones who have qualification and certification in car maintenance, so that they can identify the issues and give recommendation of car repairs.

Wheel alignment

Wheel alignment is what makes your tires point in the right direction. If there is a problem in wheel alignment, it can affect the steering and car suspension and eventually it can affect the control of your car. Misalignment can cause uneven tires too. Therefore, it is recommended for every car owners to check the wheel alignment every 6,000 miles so that the auto technicians can spot the problems early and fix them immediately.

Those three car maintenance affect your safety on the road, so don’t pick a random mechanic to the job. Pick reputable technicians with good qualification and certification. Big Brand Arroyo Grande California is the best auto service in the area. They have qualified mechanics, high technologies, and long-times experience for the benefits of their customers.

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