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The A&M Family tire should have been familiar to your ear. Yes, this is one of the most reliable and trusted tire shops in the United States. Unlike other common tire shop, this big shop provides professional and fast service for every customer. It is the only shop where you can find any kinds and sizes of tires you want especially the tires for light truck and trailer. Check out the tires available at this shop.

A&M Family Time for Light Truck Tire

Basically, the term “light truck” refers to a variety of vehicles including the light duty pickup trucks, SUVs and vans. As the tires are used by various vehicles, the tires have different labels. Therefore, it is important to know the relevant sizing system when choosing the right tire. In terms of sizing system, there are several systems that are particularly applied for light truck tire designations. The systems are LT-Metric, LT-Numeric, P-Metric, European Commercial Metric, European Metric, and LT-High Flotation.

When it comes to category of tires for light truck, there are two categories. The first category consists of tires that are particularly designed for light trucks. Meanwhile, the second category consists of passenger car tires that are applied on light trucks. And in the A&M Family tireshop, you will find any tires for your light trucks with the best quality possible. Within those two categories, there are several tires that are particularly designed to be given to light trucks. The available types of tires include the LT-Metric light truck tires, Euro commercial metric for vans, LT-Numeric tires for light truck, LT-High flotation tires for light truck and also the Euro commercial numeric tires for vans.

Perhaps, it is important to understanding about the meaning of LT letters. This letter stands for Light Truck-Metric which means that the tires are designed specifically for light truck vehicles that have less than 1 ton load carrying capabilities. These specified tires are essential to make sure that the light truck will always able to handle various loads.

Meanwhile, the LT-High flotation tire refers to certain tires that are specially designed to pass over any soft surfaces including mud, soft soil and loose sand without sinking in. It allows the light truck to be more capable to run through various terrains. Shortly said, these are the tires that flotate on soft surfaces’ top. These tires are usually larger compared to other tires for light trucks. And, they also require wider wheel or rim. Despite of is larger size, the tires are very capable to handle more load capacity.

And if you need the LT-Numeric Tire, the A&M Family tire shop definitely has this tire. Actually, this is a tire that is specially designed to tow heavy weight and carry higher loads. It is not only tire for light truck but also heavy duty light trucks, full size vans and some types of SUVs. And, in case you need small size tires with excellent quality for private cars, this tire shop also has what you need.

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