35×12 50×20 All Terrain Tires

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Searching for new tires can be a tiring experience that takes a lot of your time and effort. Making a mistake causes you to have bad driving experience. So, you should be an educated customer when it comes to buy tires. In this case, if the 35×12 50×20 all terrain tires are what you are looking for, you do have to know the details and specifications of the tires including the performances. Each brand has its own superiorities. So, it would be wise to consider all the positive and negative sides of the each product.

All Season Terrain Tires

Let’s start with the All Season Terrain Tires. As the name suggest, the tires are suitable to be used in various terrains from sand, boulders to rocks, water and snow. There is nothing too hard for these tires to walk on. They are capable of delivering such functions because they are made for particular substance that allow excellent all terrain stability and terrain. Of course, it is also so easy for the tires to give rugged look for your vehicle. They are perfect for SUVs, Jeeps and also light trucks. With combination of heavy duty construction and aggressive tread, they are capable to deliver reliability and performance.

35x12 50x20 All Terrain Tires - season1

35x12 50x20 All Terrain Tires - season2

All Weather Truck Tire

Here comes another type of 35×12 50×20 all terrain tires you can consider for your light truck. These are particular tires that are designed for on and also off road during the harsh winter condition that combines commercial traction and durability with winter performance. It is an easy job for the tires to run on mud, snow, gravel and dirt. At the same document, they are also capable of delivering comfortable and quiet highway ride. These particular tires feature new compound with a balanced between improved winter performance and chip/cut resistance. There is nothing has to be sacrificed when choosing these tires including the durability. In other words, they can last for several years in a row so you can save your money from buying new tires every a couple years.

35x12 50x20 All Terrain Tires 3

35x12 50x20 All Terrain Tires 4

There are some other specifications of these 35×12 50×20 all terrain tires. For instance, they feature the 3-ply sidewall construction from polyester and massive side lugs which are intended to provide more protection and prevent any possible sidewall punctures. With this specification, it is easy for the tires to provide excellent quality and uniformity. In fact, it can handle anything.

Some other tires also offer aggressive snow and wet traction with brilliant durability for SUVs, vans and pickups. Rugged look is a feature that can never be compromised. Meanwhile, it doesn’t let you down when it comes to the handling as it is very comfortable and stable including on off road. The reason these tires have excellent durability is the use of Wear-Resistant Tread Compound. This means, it is 40% more durable than other tires. The existing Tie Bars between the Block are also very useful to improve dry braking, stabilize tread blocks and also reduce irregular wear. In other words, the tires are definitely capable of delivering much tougher performance than other tires.

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