2014 Toyota Corolla Tire Size

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2014 Toyota Corolla tire size provides a lot of options in order to match well with the type of the car used. Similar with other types of cars, Toyota Corolla is also available with the options of tires size including the ones in 2014 year version. Toyota Corolla itself is considered as subcompact and compact cars which put the convenience of the passengers into the main concern. Hence, this car should be supported by appropriate cars’ components such as the right tire size. The size of the tires for this car would be different with the ones which used by the cars driven in off-road track. 2014 Toyota Corolla is equipped with the tires which can support the drive in smooth track. The tires size for 2014 version is available in three types of trim selections consisting USDM, EUDM, and AUDM and each of theme offers its own specific tiresizes.

There are specific criteria when it comes to the tires used in Toyota Corolla 2014. First, the diameter of the car should be from 15.0 inch up to 17.0 inch. Besides, the width of the car comes in specific measurement which ranges from 195 mm up to 215 mm. Not only has the width, the car tire also provided certain measurement for the aspect ratio. In order to provide stable and smooth drive along the track, the tire aspect ratio should be around 45prcent to 65 percent. There are also the smallest and largest sizes of tire among the 2011 version. The smallest actually belongs to 195/65R15 while the largest size owned by 215/45ZR17.

2014 Toyota Corolla Tire Size
2014 Toyota Corolla tire size is considered as the ones which come with two types of rims including bold pattern 5 x100 and bold pattern 5 x 114.3. The rims with bold pattern 5 x100 has specific diameter. The diameter of this rims start from 15.0 inch up to 17.0 inch. Not only has the diameter, the width of the rim also come in specific measurement which ranges from 6 inch to 7 inch. The rim for this type of bold pattern is also available in particular offset and it includes offset in 33 mm up to 39 mm.

Another type of the rim is the one with bold pattern 5 x 114.3. Likes its previous bold pattern, this one is also available in specific measurements. The diameter of the rims should be around 15.0 inch up to 17.0 inch. Along with that diameter, the rim should also appear with the width ranges from 6 inch to 7 inch. However, its offset should be from 39 mm to 50 mm.

Toyota Corolla 2014 is available in USDM market 1.8i trim selection. This one is equipped with I4 engine petrol and can produce 140 horsepower. 2014 version with 1.8i trims provides three options for the car tire sizes. The smallest size is 195/65R15. Meanwhile, the middle size belongs to 205/55R16. The last tire size option for 1.8i trim selection is 215/45ZR17 which also becomes the largest among all of 2014 Toyota Corolla tire size.

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