2013 Dodge Dart Tire Size

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2013 Dodge Dart tire size is available in various choices in order to match well with the type of car used. As the majority of cars do, Dodge Journey also comes with selections of tire size including the 2013 version. Dodge Dart is actually which is considered into compact sedan category with four doors. Considering the segment where it belongs to, the type of tire used would be different from other cars which support harsher track like SUV. The tires for sedan itself should support the convenience drive for family use. Dodge Dart 2013 version also comes in wide variety options of tire sizes as well.

There are a number of certain criteria of tires for Dodge Dart 2013. The diameters of the tires should be 16.0 inch to 19.0 inch. Besides, the width of the tires is around 205 mm to 255 mm. However, when it comes to the tire ratio, then Dodge Dart 2013 should come with 30 percent to 5 percent. Among all the tire sizes designed for this car, the smallest tire size is 205/55R16 while the largest tire size 255/30ZR19. Along with the tire size, this car also comes with certain rims. The bold pattern of the car is 5 x 110 which consists of diameter which ranges from 16.0 inch to 19.0 inch. The width of the rims should be 7 to 9 inch and the offset is 38 mm to 46 mm.

2013 Dodge Dart Tire Size
2013 Dodge Dart tire size is categorized into three types based on its trim selection which comprises 1.4i turbo, 2.0i, and 2.4i. The first model is actually Dodge Dart with 1.4i turbo which is powered with I4 engine petrol. This engine can produce 154 horsepower. This trim selection comes with four tire size options and provides 205/55R16 as its smallest size and smallest size among all tire size available for Dodge Dart 2013. However, the largest tire size for this trim is 225/40R18.

Another trim selection available for this car is actually 2.0i. Dodge Dart in 2013 version which available in 2.0i is actually powered by I4 engine petrol. The engine used by this car is able to produce 158 horsepower. Similar with 1.4i turbo trim, the 2.0i trim also offers four choices of tire sizes. The smallest tire size for this trim category is 205/55R16 which also known as the smallest size provided by 2013 version. Meanwhile, the largest tire size for 2.0i trim is 225/40R18.

The last trim selection is actually Dodge Dart 2013 with 2.4i trim selection. Among three types of trim available for this car, 2.4i becomes the highest version. It is no surprising if the vehicle which fall into this category is featured by the most powerful engine and largest tire sizes. The 2.4i Dodge Dart is known to be powered by I4 engine petrol and the engine itself can produce 184 horsepower. Among four tire size which are provided by this trim selection, the smallest size is 225/45R17 while the largest is 255/30R19 which also become the biggest 2013 Dodge Dart tire size.

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