2012 Dodge Journey Tire Size

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2012 Dodge Journey tire size come in wide variety of options. Like the other type of car, Dodge Journey also comes with a number of choices when it comes to its tires. Dodge Journey is actually a car which falls into mid-size sport utility vehicle (SUV) or crossover. Thus, there will be specific characteristics to the tires which make it different from other car segment. Not only affected by the car segment but also the year as well. Hence, it is not surprising if one car can have wide a number of tire sizes. The difference of tire size also can be affected by the engine and trim as well and it also happens for all versions of Dodge Journey car including 2012 Dodge Journey.

There are several characteristics of 2012 Dodge Journey tire size. First, the diameter of his tire size should be around 17.0 inch up to 20.0 inch. Besides, there is also certain measurement for the diameter. The tire diameter for 2012 version should be 225 mm to 245 mm. Meanwhile, there is also specific tile ratio for this car. Tire aspect ratio for Dodge Journey 2012 is 45 percent to 65 percent. Among various options of tire size for this car, the smallest car size would be 225/65R17 and the largest tire size belongs to 245/45R20. Besides the tire size, Dodge Journey 2012 also provides particular characteristic for the rims. It comes in bold pattern 5 x 127. The diameter of the rim should be 17.0 inch up to 20.0 inch. Then, its width is 6.5 inch to 8 inch and the offset would be 38 mm to 45 mm.

2012 Dodge Journey Tire Size
The tire size of Dodge Journey is also affected by the trim selection. This car itself is available in two trim options which are 2.4i and 3.6i. The car with 2.4i is powered by I4 petrol engine which can produce 173 horsepower. The car with this trim selection provides five sizes of tires which coupled by different sizes of rims as well. Even the smallest tire size Dodge Journey 2012 belongs to this 2.4i trim option. Among five tires sizes available for the car with this trim, the largest tire size which can be supported by Dodge Journey car with 2.4i is 235/55R19. Another trim selection which is available for 2012 version is actually 3.6i. The car with 3.6i trim selection is powered by V6 engine petrol. As the higher version of Dodge Journey 2012, the power which can be produced by this car is bigger as well. The car which is equipped with 3.6i trim is known with the power production that can reach up to

283 horsepower. Like the 2.4i, the one with 3.6i is also available in five tires sizes with five different rims sizes as well. The smallest tire size for this trim selection is actually 225/65R17. However, the largest tire size of 3.6i trim is 245/45R20. This tire size also becomes the largest one which provided by 2012 Dodge Journey tire size.

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